VCXC - Voice Communication Exchange Committee - is a Washington, DC based nonprofit startup working to speed the transition to all-IP networks and upgrade core voice service to HD. The clock started for a six year all hands on deck transformation of telecom at the June 15, 2012 IP Transition as Grand Challenge event.


Decoupling of service and connectivity in IP networks makes it imperative network operators replace mandate based interconnection with voluntary service interworking.


The VCXC roadmap for the transition to all-IP networks and a 2018 date certain PSTN end-of-life obsoletes the geographic and business categories but asserts Do No Harm as a first principle.

From PSTN to All-IP Network

The growing segment of the communicating public abandoning the PSTN makes the transition to all-IP networks a competitive imperative. The all-IP future collapses legacy communication categories into a single hypercompetitive ecosystem. Voluntary service interworking puts network operators in a position to compete with the ever expanding over-the-top and Internet enabled communication free-for-all. Service interworking and the nature of the coming All-IP Telco makes government interconnection mandates unnecessary and allows carriers to control their own destiny. Embracing the transition represents the only means to grow enterprise value.

From Standard to High Definition Voice

Updating the universal core voice service to HD voice resets the narrative around voice services from inevitable decline to rich opportunity associated with the preferred mode of human communication. Declining interest in standard defintion voice represents no surprise given voice quality remains largely unimproved since the 1930's (a decade before the transistor and precursors to the computer.) Competing with the proliferation of Internet enabled communication options requires exploring new scenarios to deliver voice services. The all-IP VCX provides a foundation for a telecom "Moore's Law" to emerge as carriers shed the artificial constraints limiting voice innovation.


VCXC starts member operators toward all-IP telco status in spite of still incoherent IP network regulation.